Outdated software is a huge problem on the Internet. Often, new versions of software get released solely to fix issues that have been exploited by hackers. So, if your website suffers from well-known bug, it’s highly susceptible to compromise and needs to be updated.

WordPress even tries to make this really simple for you. Every time you log in, it checks for updates and displays a banner at the top of your admin panel to let you know about them. The process is ridiculously easy and takes less than a minute sometimes.

Are you a small business owner who has a website but can’t find time to update it because you’re busy running your business?

Or do you work for a larger business/organization, and are looking to outsource your website maintenance?

We can update your website for you, managing your online presence when you don’t have time to. We can also work with you to integrate your website with WordPress so that you can update it more efficiently than you’re currently able to.

Our website maintenance services are ideal if you:

  • Don’t have the time or staff to maintain your website on a regular basis
  • Understand that a successful website is crucial in reaching your audience
  • Want to do as much of the work on your own as you can, while knowing that someone is there to answer your questions or take over when necessary

If you do manage your website on your own but have some project work that will be time consuming for you,  we’re also available to help you with that.

Contact us to find out about our website maintenance plans or hiring us for your project!