Website Security makes the headlines around the world on an alarming scale. If some of the biggest names with what should be the best possible security can be brought to their knees. How vulnerable are you?  With over 10 years of WordPress Development experience and we take website security seriously.

WordPress is an easily accessible framework open for anyone to use and because of this, many WordPress websites are not as secure as they should be. This is especially so when a WordPress website has been built in-house or with a lesser experience WordPress fundi.  Because of this Headway Digital provide a WordPress Website Security Service.

How can the WordPress Security Service help you?

Your website security is our concern, especially if it was developed by us. With this in mind, the Website Security Service will examine your website and assess it from a security point of view.  Checking that versions are up to date, looking at data and information capture points are secure, assessing and evaluating logins and reviewing code for any vulnerabilities your website is given a security health check.

A secure website delivers peace of mind to both yourself and those who visit or engage with your website. A secure website often runs and loads faster and thus your website performance is optimised.

To find out more about our WordPress Website Security service contact us today