WordPress Consultation

A WordPress Consultation is a consultation on everything about WordPress that is not a project. The consultation could be general advice or assistance on coding for your website. This unique and helpful service we provide is among the most popular non-project services provided. A WordPress Consultation is focused on both assisting and empowering WordPress users through a choice of consultation options.

Why would someone need a WordPress Consultation?

WordPress is easy to use and yet it has some much more to offer when understood fully. Headway Digital believes in empowering customers as part of a business philosophy. A WordPress Consultation assists customers in taking their WordPress skills and website to the next level. By understanding WordPress better and getting to grips with some of the components our customers are able to release the real value of WordPress in their operational environment.

What could a WordPress Consultation Cover?

At Headway Digital, we understand that our customers often want to get more out of WordPress. Because of this, we have standardised some of the WordPress Consultation Services we offer:

  • Site Assessment
  • Plugins Assessment
  • Speed Assessment
  • Child Theme Development
  • Help with eCommerce
  • Help with Specific Function
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Site Migration
  • Anything Else

For more information on the WordPress Consultation Services provided by Headway Digital, contact us today