PSD to WordPress

The PSD to WordPress is the best and most efficient way to turn your unique Adobe Photoshop designs into functional WordPress Websites. At Headway Digital we have a specialist team of experienced coders who understand how to slice and dice a digital image (PSD), break it down and rebuild it into your perfect website design.  This process creates a unique website paying attention to the smallest elements of the image design to ensure a perfect replica of WordPress

How does PSD to WordPress Work

If you have an image in almost any format that you need converting into a WordPress theme or website this service is perfect. The image is supplied to Headway Digital who carefully deconstructs your image and then rebuild in the format you require.  Generally, the process is relatively straightforward and efficient but it does depend on the complexity of the image

What assurances are there with PSD to WordPress?

Because your newly created WordPress theme is hand coded the integrity of the final code is assured, this is useful if you intend sharing your new theme with others.

The new theme created in the PSD to WordPress process will be mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Widget areas can be coded into the final theme created

The final theme will be plugin compatible

We have the ability to add custom functionality in the PSD to WordPress Process.

To find out more about the PSD to WordPress service contact us today.