Why your WordPress site needs maintenance

Outdated software is a huge problem on the Internet. Often, new versions of software get released solely to fix issues that have been exploited by hackers. So, if your website suffers from well-known bug, it’s highly susceptible to compromise and needs to be updated. WordPress even tries to make this really simple for you. Every… Read more »

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Learn how to build a site with WordPress

Join us for our next WordPress Beginner Workshop in Cape Town. The WordPress Beginner Workshop is suitable for anyone with little or no prior knowledge of WordPress or web design. This workshop will enable attendees to create their own website using WordPress. Our instructors are experienced WordPress developers and trainers, so you can be sure… Read more »

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7 Tips to keep your WordPress website secure

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS system on the Internet. This makes it a favourite target for hackers. Having a WordPress site means that you have to take some extra efforts in order to protect your and your visitors data. Here is a summary of the best practices for securing a WordPress, that… Read more »