WordPress Maintenance

Are you too busy to keep your website updated?

A WordPress website is not something you build and then leave alone. Your website is a living part of your business and one of your most valuable employees and thus demands to be kept up to date and current.  The greatest challenge for many companies, especially small businesses, is maintaining their WordPress website; the team at Headway Digital can manage this for you.

Who is Website Maintenance for?

  • WordPress Website Maintenance from Headway Digital is suitable for anyone with a WordPress Website. 
  • Companies or Organisations that lack the time or staff to regularly maintain or update a website
  • Companies or Organisations that appreciate that a successful website is a vital part of doing business and engaging with your target market and audience and want this done professionally
  • Companies or Organisations that are capable of maintaining a website but may require assistance or advice from an expert at a given time

We offer a choice of Website Maintenance Plans that can be tailored to suit your needs. To find out more contact us today.